One-Sentence Stories

Fiction by Christopher DeWan

He stuffed each bottle with a hand‑written note that read “Rescue me” and cast them, wishfully, one by one, into the East River. Read more

The Shoulder

Fiction by Nick Fuller

Byllis was one of those two gas station towns in vassalage to the highway. The gas stations were built on a short hill in vast flat country and were right across from each other just off the exit. Read more

A Theory of Individual Palettes

Two poems by Daniel Bourne

A nearby tennis court, / half-moons in the green-mesh net, smiles of Cheshire cats / as the wind blows through their teeth, each mouth an upturned / bowl.

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Teenage Apostate

Nonfiction by Mike Jeffrey

People sang loud at Keswick, so I sang loud, and I didn’t fall asleep during the sermons as I often did back home. I read along when scripture was quoted instead of flipping to the verses about boobs in Song of Songs.

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Letter from a Small Town

Two poems by John Sibley Williams

Remember / that Japanese maple your mother / hog-tied & slowly bent over years / into perfection?

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Canticle of Temper

Poetry by J.R. Tappenden

sometimes/legends are wrong. sometimes/the unyielding ground fights fiercest.

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