Mona Lisa in Bronze


Where had he found rum?  I took a sip. It was strong but sweet. Warm from his hands. “In Cuba we have a saying,” he said, “when you drink from my cup, you learn my secrets.”

Creative Nonfiction by Dacia Price

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Times You Taught Me about Violence


The time we drank too much whiskey and you dropped / your fishing rod in the river / and you went stone silent for the rest of the night

Poetry & Collage by Amanda Hadlock

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Gurney Norman on Allegiance, Appalachia and His Literary Legacy

I take great pride in being an American regionalist… I was raised in a coal camp. It’s just the best kind of social education, to be in such a compact place, and the issues of human life are all there. It happened several times: I would be playing down by the creek with other boys, shooting marbles, maybe, and out from the opening of the mine would come two men carrying a dead miner on a stretcher.

A conversation between Gurney Norman and Hagan Smith

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Assisted Living

I couldn’t help believing my mom was dragging me down. I felt like a bad person, thinking a thing like that, but I’d spent the last year bringing her clean underwear in psych wards and convalescent hospitals. She was still young, everyone said. And physically fine. But she wanted to die. It had become my job to convince her not to die, which was exhausting, and didn’t leave me time to make money.

Fiction by Jon Lindsey

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