The Best Light Fades

At Mom’s Place I wore a nametag that said Angel and waited on a group of teenagers. They poured ketchup, mustard, mayo, and watery Coke, into a glass and dared one another to drink it. A couple of guys from the Navy Yard showed up for midnight milkshakes, my landlord among them. He was happy to see me but it was clear he’d forgotten my name. Earth Angel, he sang. How’s your boyfriend, the clown?

Fiction by Rachel Lyon

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Princess Manor

Fiction by Ariel Courage

It felt like a violation to be in Princess Manor alone. It felt like a violation to be a woman there at all, wearing floppy jeans and a wrinkled sweater. Men looked at me as I walked to a booth at the rear, then averted their eyes, like I was a living person in the land of the dead.

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When the doctor came in, I was still / in that other place, the ocean where your blood / met my blood in caves and our baby breathed /  without breath inside me. I knew she was coming

Poetry by Monica Wendel

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Dear Editor of Kentucky Journal

Can we recommend a willow switch? Can you hear us in the Iron lungs and sorrow of the State Sanatorium for the feeble minded? Can you hear their ghosts on the sawgrass wind?

Prose Poetry by Sean Thomas Dougherty

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Abyssal Giant!

What it is to live as an abyssal giant/ but beached, huge and primeval

Poetry by Joseph Zenoni

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