Someone Simple and Kind

Gurney Norman Prize for Fiction: 1st Place

I almost felt grateful for the experience of being somebody’s mistress, Sylvia rolling off of me and springing up from my mattress around 5:30p.m. the afternoons I got to see her, the working day over. It made me feel great kinship with Mrs. Wilson from Gatsby, and I thought about her a lot, and how the room must have felt utterly abandoned each time Tom left it.

Fiction by Amarlie Foster

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Rodulfo González #15

color me black with grackle feathers / after the sunset showers of August / when I’m dusting the smell of fresh bread

Poetry by Elidio la Torre Lagares

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40 Below

lemon bits float / like a slow / snowfall. I leave / a pile of sunflower seeds / on the sidewalk / a carrot on the stoop.

Poetry by Ryan Vine

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Gurney Norman Prize for Fiction: 2nd Place

By then you had already moved on, eager to go out into the sun-spilled city, to see all the spaces across which we’d moved. Trace a psychic map that would make sense to no one but us. Tracking our ghosts here, to this moment of July.

Fiction by Jared Green

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Gurney Norman Prize for Fiction: 3rd Place

There was an inscription near the front. Perfect cursive, a date from a long time ago. “To Opal. I’m sorry I’m so repulsive. Love, Archie.” Not all of them had inscriptions but they all had the name, “Opal Atwood” on the back cover in thick permanent marker. Opal seemed like she had been scared someone would steal them. Tonight, she was probably turning in her grave.

Fiction by Raisa Tolchinsky

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