Nelson, “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection”

Nonfiction by Joni Tevis

It doesn’t feel like heavy metal, in part because it’s so sunny. “What we grew up listening to wasn’t blues,” said Gunnar. “It’s pretty easy to make a rock song sound tough when your DNA is the blues. But when your DNA is folk, it’s harder.”

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Two poems by Janice Harrington

On my middle finger, my first pencil pressed a callus, / a writer’s bump: a word and so the rub.

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Split Level

Fiction by Patrina Corsetti

+++I didn’t take the transfer in order to advance my career. I don’t have a career. I’m twenty-three and I work for a large hotel chain as an assistant front desk associate/maid substitute.

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Love Poem

Two poems by Tasha Cotter

Lost in a giant sea / Of astonishment, I remembered my old love of fool’s / Gold. The cool touch of mineral, the slick eyes of topaz.

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Creek Bed Blues

Fiction by Bre Lillie

+++I met my best friend the day my brother Keen came howling back to our family’s home with blood pulsing from his nose in short bursts.

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Kiss Cecilia for Me

Fiction by Kaitlin Ruether

The first camera I picked up had a flashbulb that popped when you pressed the button. My first picture had Mom in a blue floral dress as she straightened the records on a maple shelf, her mousy hair pulled tight.

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