Two poems by George Ella Lyon

Someone wails / in the basement / of my dream. / Amid the wailing / I hear a welter of water.

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Late Spring

Fiction by Jim McDermott

My wife and I had just moved back to the States from Ireland then. I was about to turn forty-one. Our longest try at living somewhere other than home had brought us to another dead end.

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Lives of the Rabbits

Two poems by David Welch

If we are / to accept the rabbits of autumn, asked / the audience, must we accept also the green / life of the bird on the tree, how it looks like a leaf / as it pales

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The House of the Living Rock

Fiction by Vinny Corsaro

There was a gift shop inside Mount Acatenango. A real life gift shop, with fridge magnets, five-dollar sunglasses, and souvenir bobble heads. Some people might find it a little disingenuous to have one in an ancient holy site, but I didn’t.

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This wild in which we

Two poems by Felicia Zamora

we tinker with / otherness, securely in our jars; think distance of you; how in our chromosomes: / a code still carves inside us

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Sum of Our Parts

Fiction by Tracy Maxwell

Jon never wanted to leave. He’d stirred earlier, happier than he could remember.

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