Tag: fiction

  • Ithaca

    By Bryan Price [] As the interview was winding down, she ran her hand through her hair distractedly and asked if I’d ever met him—Jean Dagault. I said, once, in Ithaca. She asked me what it was like and I said what was what like? Meeting him or what was he like? She said both or…

  • Indio, California

    By Britt Astrid Alphson There is a viciousness about it, Indio. Bark scorpions and the collapsing of breath, of time, of anything besides a careening sort of heat. The Morongo Casino Resort juts from the soil like some beckoning reptilian creature: the older patrons with their rotting teeth, acres folded upon acres of fuck-you-green putting…

  • Circling the Drain

    After brushing the side walls, skimming the surface, and running the vacuum up and down the shallow end of the pool, Dana kicked off her Birkenstocks and plopped into the deep end.

  • A Good Host

    We bought the house privately. That was why we got lucky, because it wasn’t listed on any of the realty websites. There was just a sign in the road, pointing to a windy drive that ended at a detached garage.

  • Sarvisberry


    Nita sits in the recliner in her dim bedroom, though it’s nearly noon. She parts the drapes to look for Peg’s car, but it doesn’t come, and it doesn’t come, and there’s that thump in Nita’s chest whenever her daughter is far from her.

  • Black Gold

    This story is complicit in destroying an ecosystem, our solar system, and the social structure of indigenous communities.