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Adirondack Express

Fiction by Zachary F. Gerberick

By the time the three had reached the cabin, Hunter could feel the first waves of opiate withdrawal—a subtle restlessness unraveling inside his chest, spreading like a parasite. Read more

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Gay Prom

Nonfiction by Laurel Dixon

+++What’s strange is how familiar it seems. Lukewarm appetizers huddle on a table someone has tried to make festive with a red tablecloth. Read more

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Elementary Education

Fiction by Michael Wayne Hampton

You are five years old when you go to the elementary school at the end of the holler where the creek widens out. It’s 1982. Elementary school runs from kindergarten to eighth grade. Middle schools don’t exist as far as you know. Read more

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On Hysteria

Nonfiction by Renée Branum

+++Grandma Wanda used the word “hysterical” to describe anything worthy of extreme laughter. Her laugh began as a low burst, like an exploding balloon, and then receded toward a series of open-throated guttural “gar gar gars.” Read more