Featured Artist

Liliana Guzmán


Liliana Guzmán is a photographer currently residing and working in Bloomington, Indiana. Her photographic practice incorporates a wide range of techniques and mediums from film photography and alternative processes to digital photography, painting and drawing. Her work has been exhibited in galleries nationally. Find Liliana on Instagram @lilinessy and see more of her work at her website https://www.lilianaguzman.co/.

Artist’s Statement

She is a series of photographs that explore the different layers that make up and create the self. These layers can be expressed, hidden and exist unknowingly but are there, nonetheless. With this in mind, I am reflecting on my own being. Each photograph is a self-portrait where I am either confronting myself, re-signifying my body, or interacting in an intimate space. I am often interested in creating an image reminiscent of a dream, or the sense of a dream that feels very real. By working with alternative processes such as cyanotype I am able to manipulate the image, creating a more painterly, soft and surreal photograph. These characteristics help to elevate the idea of the body as a timeless, repetitive, and sometimes fragmented body. Though the covers of a being are thick and maybe even heavy at times, there is a beauty in seeking, reflecting and discovering what makes us who we are.