Featured Artist

Joseph Grant Barbour

Artist’s Statement

My work is about spaces, both psychological and physical.
My work is about being queer and different.
I am influenced by dreams, fantasies, and nightmares. 
I am influenced by lunch meat and digestive systems. 
I am influenced by the abject and sunsets. 
I am interested in simulations and monotony. 
My puppets are all embodiments of me but not me. 
I had AML leukemia when I was 9. 
I am afraid of death but always tired. 
I am afraid of being alone but I want solitude. 
I am afraid of history repeating itself but I feel apathetic. 
I like patterns and psychedelia. 
I like the unconscious mind and houseplants. 
Making work for me is like swimming underwater. 


Joseph Grant Barbour was born in East Tennessee, and currently lives and works in Western North Carolina.