in praise of the river that has flooded its birthplace.


dark bruises of waves / turn / like lathes

Poetry by Brandon Thomas DiSabatino

dark bruises of waves
like lathes
            in the water
            i am in love
            w/ this river, eating
            away at its own banks
knowing     the part of the earth
            it is bound to                                                  
must break.

Brandon Thomas DiSabatino is the author of the full-length poetry collection, “6 weeks of white castle /n rust.”  His work for the theater has been performed in Cincinnati and NYC, with his most recent play, “Sand in a Memphis Glass,” earning nominations in the Best Play and Best Actress categories at the 2018 NY WinterFest.  Other writing has appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Belt Mag, Silver Needle Press, After the Pause and Cathexis Northwest Press. On instagram: @b.t.disabatino

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